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Michael Meyer

Grades 7th – Adult , subjects: math, science, English, social studies, writing

Virtual and in person at DLC

Itzel Vargas

English Reading/Writing- Middle School to High School Math, Arithmetic - Kinder to Middle School 

Virtual and in person at DLC



Michael Daugelli

Grades 5-12, subjects: reading, language arts, social studies, theology, home school expert, liberal arts, AP English, History

Only at Delta Learning Center

Ben Fong

Grades 4th – adult, subjects math algebra 1 & Geometry

Only at Delta Learning Center

Lynne Wheelock

Grades k-4, subjects Reading, math, ELA

Virtual and in person at DLC

Barbara Klein

\Kinder-5th ELA special education


Only in person at DLC

Melissa Olson

Elementary Math & English
High School Algebra I &II 


Virtual and in person at DLC

Sonia Spohrer

English K-12
Math k-12 Geometry

Bi Lingual English/Spanish

Virtual and in person at DLC

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